CompTIA Network+ Certification

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Secondly, they use diagnostic testing tools to assess and report security violations as well as troubleshoot the network to find connectivity difficulties. Firstly, they back up the network data and configure security settings to ensure that only the right people can get in. Also, describing the constancies and use cases for advanced networking devices. Secondly, determine the appropriate placement of networking devices on a network and configure them.

Does having a CompTIA A+ make a difference in pay and career progression?

The job titles below are not exhaustive but rather a short sample of actual titles held by professionals currently working in the field with the indicated certifications. In a similar way, the cities listed are just a small sample of cities with a large IT presence, and therefore have a high concentration of CompTIA IT jobs. Security+ ranks 25th in North America with an average salary of $99,609. It is also often the first security certification an IT professional will earn. Browse the top-rated undergrad & graduate degree programs, professional certificates, and self-paced online training courses matching the CompTIA Network+ certification and related career tracks. The pay for a job in one area may be very different from what is offered in another area. For example, a systems administrator working in New York City will earn around 15% on average, or $14,650 more than the exact same position in Denver.

Is Net+ better than CCNA?

Aside from the differences in course content there is also the question of the value of the certifications in the employment market place. In general, the consensus would be that the CCNA holds more prestige and is more highly looked upon by networking professionals.

And finally, download the exam objectivesand practice test questionsto start learning right away. If you have obtained a CompTIA Network+ certification from CompTIA and are looking to be hired as a freelancer in the On Demand Freelance Marketplace, sign up with

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Self-study is a great way to evaluate and understand the CompTIA Network+ knowledge. In the same vein, CompTIA makes its exam objectives available with a detailed outline.

  • A Cisco certificate verifies that you understand the fundamentals well enough to pass a test.
  • CompTIA Network+ has established an industry standard for launching a career in IT infrastructure, including network configuration, troubleshooting, and management.
  • A systems engineer’s job is divided into various sections of the business model.
  • There are no formal prerequisites for CCNA certification, but you should be familiar with the exam topics before taking it.