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Join Avecena Gloves at MIACES 2022 Expo


The Malaysia International Agricommodity Expo & Summit (MIACES) is an event designed to help advance the agricommodity sector. The event includes a conference, exhibition, roundtable discussions, business meetings, and awards night. It is designed to bring together all the industry players, producers, investors, and other stakeholders to share their products, latest equipment and technology.

The objectives of this event, as outlined by MIACES are:

  • To promote Malaysia as the international hub for agricommodity activities
  • To introduce and fortify Malaysia‚Äôs standing as the leading producers of agricommodity products internationally
  • To enable MIACES as an international trade expo whereby Malaysian exhibitors and their products will gain maximum exposure in the agricommodity sector globally
  • To provide a global marketplace for greater level transactions
  • To showcase eye opening innovations and technology made locally and internationally
  • To develop a conducive business development environment in which business opportunities and investments are enhanced in the agricommodity sector
  • To offer MIACES as the best platform for local exhibitors and visitors to explore business potentials globally

Don’t forget to visit our booth to learn more about our company.

In the meantime, you can check out MIACES 2022 Official Website for More info:

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